Eligibility for Subsidies and Other Foster Youth Assistance ::
DES- Foster youth living subsidy

The Independent Living Subsidy Program:
  • Gives you a monthly stipend to help pay for living expenses
  • You can live on your own while receiving support and services
  • You can reside in unlicensed settings, including:
    • Apartments (alone or with roommates)
    • Dormitories
    • Boarding with family, friends or others.
    • You may NOT live with a boyfriend or girlfriend while in this program
You can apply for this subsidy, if you are:
  • Adjudicated dependent, the subject of a dependency petition, or age 18 or older and in extended care through a Voluntary Foster Care Agreement for Young Adults 18 Through 20
  • In out-of-home care and in the custody of the department
  • At least 17 years of age
  • Employed, a full-time student, or engaged full-time in a combination of education, employment and/or therapeutic services
Keep in mind:
  • All proposed living arrangements and roommates must be approved by the CPS Specialist.
  • Youth may not cohabit with boyfriends/girlfriends while in this program.
  • Youth must demonstrate readiness and meet other criteria including:
    • identifying a community advisor
    • enrollment in education and/or employment, etc.
  • The subsidy is available until the 21st birthday, as long as the person is working toward their goals.
For more information please visit: https://egov.azdes.gov/CMSInternet/main.aspx?menu=150&id=1772&ekmensel=15074e5e_150_0_1772_19 602-542-4910

To contact the independent living coordinator in your county: https://egov.azdes.gov/CMSInternet/main.aspx?menu=150&id=1772&ekmensel=15074e5e_150_0_1772_19 602-542-4910

Re-entry Into Voluntary Foster Care

You can request to re-enter foster care, anytime prior to your 21st birthday; if:
  • You left the Arizona state foster care system at age 18 or older
Re-entering foster care means:
  • You will be assigned a case manager to help you:
    • create a case plan
    • arrange services that you might need/want
    • monitor your progress
  • All services provided must complement your own efforts to become self-sufficient. Services may include:
    • long-term case management and support
    • a monthly living stipend
    • coordination of other services

All foster care services end on your 21st birthday

You may request re-entry by:

Contacting the local Transitional Independent Living Program (after care) provider: https://egov.azdes.gov/CMSInternet/main.aspx?menu=150&id=1938

They will work with you to get you
  • immediate housing
  • mental health
  • employment or other crises
  • confirm your desire to return to DCYF care
  • arrange a meeting with the local Re-Entry coordinator to ensure a smooth transition back into care.
Young Adult Program

Youth who are currently in the Arizona foster care system, and who are participating in the Young Adult Program services, may be eligible for the following incentives:
  • $50.00 upon completion of life skills training – as determined in your life skills service plan
  • $100.00 upon completion of high school or an equivalency program (GED)
  • $400.00 (maximum) savings match upon exit from services – You must sign a savings match agreement and contribute to a savings account prior to leaving care (and having your case closed) in order to request this match.
Find Young Adult Program Services at: https://egov.azdes.gov/CMSInternet/main.aspx?menu=150&id=1944&ekmensel=15074e5e_150_0_1944_1

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